Path Reshoku Shifter Pack



-_- Welcome to PATH RESHOKU SHIFTER PACK where others learn,understand,communicate,and Explain. The site is created to make other shifters,werecreaters,vampire,and any other life forms feel right at home,the site has a mp3player,tinychat,video game room,and a lesson room to make everything smooth.


The reason why this website is called path reshoku shifter pack.It cause people and others have a path to start the way to the end each person has a animal spirit but can't connect to it.Inorder to connect to your spirit you must understand why you are so intrested in it.And what better way to reach that  info of meeting/conneting to your spirit animal in this site.Im DarkStar the owner of this site,im here to help any body connect to there spirit animal,other sites say shit this and that.But truth is everyone is born diffent meaning If everyone is diffent then everyone has to get the info that fit for them and only them can be what they truely feel that inside them,You must understand that everyone I mean everyone has a spirit animal and spirit masters.So I will try to make this site less boring,and make sure ya get what ya shit.Everyone is welcome but if any problem comes to this site.Ya better be perpared to be suspended from the site so for now please welcome to path reshoku well any lifeform is a family.